About Us

Sergeant John “JB” Bannes, President and Co-Founder of Cannonball Memorial Run

Sergeant Jason Hendrix, Vice President and Co-Founder of Cannonball Memorial Run

Officer Mark Durmisevich (Ret.), Corporate Secretary for Cannonball Memorial Run

Our Story

Cannonball Memorial Run was founded in December 2016 by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Sergeants John Bannes and Jason Hendrix. John and Jason were frustrated and alarmed at the number of officers targeted or ambushed just because they wore the badge. John and Jason wanted to raise awareness about this fact and ensure those responsible for murdering officers be held to answer to the highest punishment.

Since inception Cannonball Memorial Run has:
– Established the first National Immediate Financial Relief Fund for families of fallen officers.
– Provided immediate financial relief to the survivors of ALL Fallen Officers since October 2017.
– Developed working relationships with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and National Concerns Of Police Survivors, amongst many others.

Cannonball Memorial Run looks to 2019 with an even stronger resolve. We are determined to grow the National Immediate Financial Relief Fund to provide $10,000 to the families of ALL Fallen Officers.  The organization will continue raising awareness to officers murdered in the line of duty through professional and community partnerships. That goal is fully attainable through the continued support from within the profession and the communities we serve.

We all share the loss and all feel the emotions…Cannonball Memorial Run is Driven2Honor!