Our Hearts Hurt

As we collected our thoughts after hearing of the death of El Paso County, CO Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick, we learned of the death of Asher, OK Police Reserve Officer Jarate Condit as a result of a collision. Our hearts here at Cannonball Memorial Run hurt. We feel the pain and anguish that our brothers and sisters are feeling in both El Paso County and Asher. Offering our condolences doesn’t seem nearly enough…We stand with you and share your loss. We know the families of both of these brave law enforcers have the hardest road to walk yet. We send our prayers for comfort and healing to them and their families. We offer support to the blue family at both agencies. We pledge to never forget the families nor the memories and legacies of Deputy Micah Flick and Officer Jarate Condit and all our fallen brothers and sisters.

To wounded El Paso Deputies and Colorado Springs Officer…rest up, heal strong and Never Quit! We are praying for your speedy recoveries!!

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