Truly at a loss for words…

Just three days ago, we wrote about the loss of Deputy Micah Flick and Reserve Officer Jarate Condit…now five more brothers have fallen. This has got to stop!!

We are praying for the families of Los Angeles County, CA Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Belanger, Richardson, TX Police Officer David Sherrard, Locust Grove, GA Police Officer Chase Maddox and Westerville, OH Division of Police Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering. We send prayers of strength to our brothers and sisters at each of these agencies and want them to know that the thin blue line runs coast to coast and knows no boundaries. These officers will not be forgotten nor will their families. We will never forget their sacrifice. As is etched on the wall of the NLEOM in DC… “Its not how these men died that made them heroes, its how they lived.” Profound words…those that wear the badge are just as human as everyone else. They have families, emotions and passion…their lives will live on through their families and children. God Spede Brothers!

We all need to stand together, more than ever before to make sure our partners make it home at the end of every shift.

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